Dilly Ding, Dilly Gone

Some things in Football aren’t a shock, some things are. This was certainly the latter. Or are we not shocked by anything that happens within our beautiful game anymore?

I try to pride myself on my articles always being from the viewpoint of the ‘typical honest football fan’. No flash match day stats, no self-promotion within the articles – just stories that I would want to read about as a football fanatic myself.

This is not one of them.


Claudio’s reign at Leicester City is over. As he makes his way back home to his beloved Italy, he takes with him the last remaining drops of honesty and compassion from our game back with him.

With suspected in- house rifts with players and backroom staff, and with key senior players supposedly meeting with club owners up to four times already this season to get Claudio the boot. You can’t help but think the game has dropped into a bigger black hole than it was in previously.

The last 48 hours do not reflect well on the Premier League, Leicester City and foreign owners. The only positive I can see from my position is the unity of managers fully backing Ranieri. With the likes of Moyes, Klopp & Mourinho all speaking out in support of the Tinkerman.


Only 298 days have passed since the favourable Italian lifted aloft the Premier League title at the King Power stadium, to signify that the greatest achievement in world football had actually really happened.

Will we ever see the likes of this happen again?

Supporters can have faith and believe it’ll happen, after the Foxes remarkable achievements last season. But in all reality – It won’t happen again, not in our lifetime.

Any of you reading this don’t agree, get in touch – I’ll put money on it. Not much though mind, I’m only on an internship.


Yes, it has been one of the biggest falls from grace in the sport since Adriano’s demise from World Beater at Inter Milan to gang leader in the streets of Brazil. But come on man, Claudio WON THE PREMIER LEAGUE WITH LEICESTER CITY!


In my opinion, not only should they be building statues of the man outside the stadium, he should be given as long as he wants to be in charge at the King Power.


It’s a disgrace, there’s part of me that wants to see Leicester City get relegated this season. Karma – What a wonderful thing.

Let’s remember Leicester aren’t anyway near being an established Premier League club yet. Yes, they might have won the title last season, but previously in their first season back in the Premier League they managed to avoid relegation by a whisker (Ehey, Foxes.. Punny innit) and finish 14th.

This is only Leicester’s third season back in the big time, we’ve seen much more established clubs go down before in the past. I fully believe that if Ranieri hadn’t been so successful last year, and finished in a respectable mid-place position – we wouldn’t have a story to talk about, and I wouldn’t be writing this.

Catching up with the weekend phone in’s podcasts on my commute to work, you hear the odd delusional Foxes fan suggesting that Claudio needed to go, but you take it with a pinch of salt. It’s an obvious one, but people get used to winning quickly, and when that’s taken away from them they’ll do anything to get that back. It’s almost a drug.

I hope Claudio looks back at his second stint in the Premier League with fondness and a cheeky smile, he achieved something very special which will never be forgotten.

It will be levelled at the tinkerman that he didn’t invest the money given to him in the summer well at all, such as £30million on Islam Slimani. Managers live and die by the transfer moves they make, that is football. If Pogba hadn’t worked out at Manchester United you know Mourinho would be getting a lot of attention in the press.

People will argue that N’Golo Kanté leaving and moving to Chelsea who was pivotal to Leicester last season has had a huge impact. I agree to a certain extent – but it’s not like there were 11 Kanté’s playing for Leicester last season. Players need to take responsibility.


It’s all good and well for the likes of Kasper Schmeichel to come out and give press conferences about players taking responsibility but if you don’t actually do it, what’s the point?


Even though I am adamant it won’t happen in our lifetime again. You do have to think that if something similar happened next season to Middleborough a club well run by an English owner, would the manager still be in charge the following season after a return to normality?

I do believe that sometimes the foreign owners don’t understand how impressive or hard a feat winning the Premier League is.

Heck, just being in the Premier League is impressive, just look at how competitive the Championship is!

As for now, I hope football fans remember Claudio Ranieri for the dream he achieved, not for the nightmare it has turned into.


Addio Claudio, e grazie per i ricordi.

(Goodbye Claudio, and thank you for the memories)

Ta for reading,



Author: ClarkeyTotalFootball

Sports Graduate. Ever faithful that England will succeed at a major tournament one day. Once I scored a 5 - a - side hat-trick. Those were the days!

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